🍝Vegan Spinach Spaghetti🍝

@haincelestialgroup “Deboles” Organic Spinach pasta w/ @sprouts organic marinara sauce (I add organic garlic, @hamptonssalt & @wholesomesweet light organic agave to the sauce ) topped with organic zucchini, organic minced garlic & @vegfreshfarms organic grape 🍅s 

Healthy Find: Natural toothpaste

 It’s important to use natural toothpaste.  You want toothpaste without fluoride.  Fluoride is horrible for your teeth.  Not to mention it causes cognitive disorders.  Remember, it’s not enough to eat organic and clean, you also have to make sure you’re using natural products.  Everything you use topically, is absorbed internally.  Anyhow, I just bought the
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99 Cents store Haul

Most of you know I have become addicted to finding organic and non GMO deals at great prices.  So lately, I’ve made it a habit to check out 99 cents stores in different areas.  I found these organic and non GMO foods at a 99 cents store 20 mins away from my house.  If you’re
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