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    Any Healthcare Apps for Doctors have to be secure and safe to remain within compliance with HIPAA laws. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996 to protect confidential patient information within Healthcare Communication methods. Components of the law primarily apply to digital information and verbal information in common areas.

    android encryption app has two platforms that connect doctors and nurses to patients under their care. The EASE component is free to download to patients, who will be able to receive HIPAA Compliant Texting, secure photos, and even videos sent by medical professionals. The EASE MD component is for use by the professionals. They will have to enter a user name and password to have access to the platform.


    Security includes end-to-end encryption, automatic deleting of everything on the server each night, and all information will disappear from the platform within sixty seconds after it is viewed. In order to activate the system for any patient, the hospital bracelet bar-code has to be scanned first. That eliminates the possibility of sending information about one patient to the approved contacts of another patient.

    This HIPAA Compliant Text APP does so much more than allow updates. It also generates real-time surveys for patients to fill out after receiving any information. Surveys are used to measure doctor to patient satisfaction. Any improvements needed to increase efficiency or make changes to service delivery can be completed quickly.

    Peace of Mind

    The speed of updates and access to photos from any department in the hospital will provide parents and family members peace of mind when a loved one is in the hospital. When patients register fir the EASE application, they can add family members to the system so updates will go to their mobile devices as well. Parents with a baby or young child in the hospital can get pictures of the child sleeping soundly.

    Family members with a relative in the operating room, radiology department, or intensive care unit will not have to wait all day to get updates from the doctor or nurse.
    hipaa and text messaging is reduced, people can rest comfortably between visits, and children can send pictures home to feel more connected to parents. The system works well and case studies are available for review on the application website.

    Increasing patient satisfaction, remaining HIPAA complaint with communication, and providing professionals a better way to stay connected to patients is well worth the hospital investment. Administrators can explore all the details and benefits of this application online.