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    Which has a network well over 750M followers across Twitter and Instagram, NowADays Media is one of the largest and a lot influential media companies around. We love to say we now have Millenials and Gen Z in the palm individuals hands (and our reputation speaks towards that).

    With all the chance to serve up to 200M impressions daily within an unbeatable CPM – we’re able to drive hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of app downloads, video views, and eyeballs on any business, brand, IP or branded content. Our network has garnered over 40 search trends in america, Canada and UK iOS App Stores.

    We are not simply a one-off platform that middle-mans one to influencers, we live and breathe this industry day in and outing through deep roots in the communities that control them. Using our Many years of combined experience in influencer marketing NowADays runs full scale campaigns with clever, subtle creatives that instill the fear of at a disadvantage.

    Today, trends are born on social media marketing. We create trends. Allow us to assist you in getting on the market. We’ll scream in the rooftops for you now someone would really be there to listen to it.

    So, precisely what are some of the trends you ought to look out for in 2018 that can help you stay ahead of your competition for all-important brand awareness and fundraising dollars?

    Artificial Intelligence: Keeping these part of mind about having humans linked to marketing that can comprehend the context that may be happening with your supporters between the digital and real worlds, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to drive more of your marketing efforts. Although we have been on the dawn with the AI age, funds AI that is certainly infinitely more robust which enable it to do more than whole multiple marketers. AI will be helping while you segment or customize your articles delivery. Quite simply, one number of your supporters will be viewing Content Quite some time another group will be viewing Content B, according to criteria which you set out. AI perseverence this, you’ll also find to understand its presence so that you can take advantage of it and utilize it effectively.

    Video Content: You know video submissions are vital to today’s marketing content strategy. As AI improves across digital platforms, preference will be presented to content which includes video. Among the easiest actions to start out to operate a vehicle increase engagement is creating live streams and incorporating video into the content. It is possible to track and compare your engagement, as an example, in your Facebook page on posts that contain video versus only photo and text copy. Probably, you will notice precisely the same data we see in our social marketing–video content gets more engagement and traction.

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