Hesta Organic Reusable Pad review


Hello Ladies! ┬áHere’s my review on Hesta Organic’s reusable pads and pantyliners. ┬áWhen I first heard about reusable pads, I was skeptical. ┬áMy first thought was, “How can I reuse a pad?!” ┬áWell Hesta Organic answered that question by sending me a box full of their pads & panty liners to try. ┬áI usually use organic tampons.


So last month, instead of using my tampons, I used the organic pads. ┬áI personally don’t like maxi pads. ┬áI don’t like the feeling or sight of the blood. ┬áI used the pads for 3days. ┬áSince I’m vegan, my flow is pretty light now. ┬áI noticed a little leakage and I didn’t like the fact I had to wash the pad out.

My conclusion? ┬áI personally don’t recommend reusable pads if you don’t want to hand wash them, you use tampons regularly or you’re grossed out by the sight of blood. ┬áI do however recommend using the pads as everyday liners for your underwear since they’re organic cotton or liners to back up your organic tampons or cup. ┬áThey minimize your chances of getting yeast infections & bacterial Vaginosis.


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