Do you want to go Vegan but don’t know where to begin?

Thinking of going Vegan or Vegetarian? Here are a few of my tips

?Start slow~ Remember, this is a lifestyle change. To make sure it’s sustainable longterm, don’t rush into it. Slowly replace meat dishes with meat alternatives.

?Try plant based meat replacements~ Beyond Meat has a great beef crumble that’s plant based. I also like Amy’s brand of organic vegan meat replacements.

? Go vegetarian or vegan for 21 days~ Try it out for a little while before you commit?? If going without meat & dairy is a challenge for you, try just eating fish, cheese, eggs. No red meat or poultry
?Remove meat from 1-2 meals daily~ Start by eating a vegan or vegetarian breakfast & lunch. Smoothies made with plant based milk are perfect vegan meal replacements.

?Follow vegan and vegetarian pages on social media~ Following others with the same goals as you will help motivate and encourage you to make the transition. Many of these pages have great meal ideas and facts.

?Eating out~ If you have dinner engagements or find yourself needing to eat out, remember, sides are your friend. Most places always have salad, but you can also eat most of the veggies, fruit, grains, and carbs like potatoes. If you want to eat out, most places offer vegetarian options by omitting the meat and dairy from certain menu items. Just ask if they can make it vegan or vegetarian.


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