Do you drink a lot of alcohol?


?Drink a lot?? People always ask me what they can take for their liver if they drink alcohol a lot. Here are a few?? Use these herbs to help detox and protect your liver ??

Dandelion is a cleansing herb that helps with alcohol withdrawal symptoms and also to reduce alcohol dependencies.It may be consumed in the form of a tea. Prepare a tea by combining 1 oz. of dandelion herb with boiling water. Alternatively, 3 to 5gms of the dried roots may be consumed three times a day.

Milk Thistle
Milk thistle, also known as silybum marianum is another useful herbal remedy to cure alcohol cravings.It also helps to treat liver disorders due to alcohol intake. Milk Thistle has an active ingredient called silymarin which cleanses the liver poison and also the toxins created by alcohol intake.

Ginseng is another important herb that helps to reduce alcoholism. It breaks down the alcohol in body and flushes out the toxins to cure alcohol cravings.

Skullcap is another important herbal remedy for alcohol withdrawals, relieving from tension and anxiety.

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